no multi-tasking update

So over a month ago I shared an intention with you all. To stop multi-tasking when I am eating. Primarily no reading of books or computer stuff when I am eating.

It's been good. First I am still amazed at how ingrained this habit is, even today I was reaching for my afternoon snack and I automatically started reaching for a book as well, caught myself mid reach. Earlier this week I was eating some food at my desk, and didn't realize I had swiveled toward my computer until after I had read a couple of words. 'They' say a month to learn a new habit, but this one is going to take longer. I am by no means at 100% either. There have been times when I have eaten a bar or piece of fruit in the car while driving or packing my briefcase, sometimes due to lack of time and sometimes I have just forgotten. Then I get to practice patience with self as well.

I am noticing that sometimes eating is kind of boring. I am noticing that sometimes I don't want to stop what I am doing in order to have another cookie or helping. I am noticing that my monkey mind will try anything to entertain itself.
'hey is the furnace on?' 'hey, that music is too loud' 'hey let's put the kettle on for tea after'

Still I keep at it. Let's see what the next month brings.


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