new yoga thing [for me]

Yesterday I had a yogic revelation.
There is a yoga class I enjoy at 8am at my gym. But yesterday, it was about -20F at 6:45 in the morning, and to be honest I didn't want to get out of bed. But if I wanted to go to the class I needed to get up and attempt to start my car and let it warm up if it fact the chat with myself went like this.

me1: 'I really don't want to go out there.'
me2: 'Understandable, but I really think I need the yoga today.'
me1: 'but it's just too cold, don't make me go. besides the gym will be so crowded by all the new resolution people.'
me2: 'I am not going to use the word 'should' but yoga is good for me. and mostly I like it.'
me1: 'true, but I also need rest and recovery and do you know how cold it is out there....?'

and seriously it is silly how long you can talk to yourself when you are barely awake, then suddenly I had a brainstorm, or maybe a third part of me just woke up from all the chattering.

me3: 'you know you can do yoga at home this morning, you don't need to go anywhere to do it.'
me1: '! yeah, I don't have to go out in the cold right now, and I can snuggle in bed an extra half hour.'
me2: 'right on, I can still do yoga.'

ok quit that sniggering over there, I can hear you over the internet. If you are wonder why it took me so long to remember something as simple as I can do yoga at home well, I don't blame you, I am wondering the same thing. I mean I have occasionally done yoga at home at other times. But seriously at 6:45 am yesterday it seemed like the most brilliant realization ever.

And the yoga was fabulous. Already I am feeling better about exercise and January.


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