Happy 2010

Word count: 60,698
Over 60k and still going. I feel pretty pumped that I got another 10,ooo words written in December considering all the other pressures and duties that the month brings.

2009 was an unhappy year for many people that I know. I certainly found it challenging in many ways mostly related to work and my trip to India. I experienced first hand the kind of patriarchy that I hope doesn't really exist in this country anymore [outside of a cult]. It was only for a month and I hated parts of the experience intensely. And yet I love so many of the people I met in India, and I am grateful for the new forms of compassion the trip helped me to develop.
Because of my India trip I got my first introduction to Amsterdam which is playing a big part in my dreams right now.
My work life showed me another aspect of how important self care is, and I am recommitting myself to another year of increased self care.
There was a lot of grief and fear wrapped up in 2009. I miss my dear dog and I watch my parents moving into their mid 80's and sigh about the cycle of which I am part. My mother has awed me this year and showed me yet again that change can happen no matter how old you are.
Two big gifts of 2009 were resiliency training and nanowrimo. For them I send a sincere thanks and namaste to Henry Emmons and Chris Baty. Not only have they changed my life through their work but I truly believe that they have changed the world. To me they are Bodhisattvas of freedom.
Wrapping up glad to be in 2010 feeling stronger and full of possibilities. Happy 2010 all.
Let's see what happens!


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