dinner at Piccolo

First I loved Piccolo and I will go back. We finally checked it out. I have been mourning Heidi's since February when a kitchen fire destroyed it and I can't say how delighted I am to find a restaurant that also gives me fantastic food.

Piccolo has charm in a quantity I don't think I ever experienced in a restaurant and has many strengths.

Fabulous tasting food. We had 4 courses each and most made our mouths weep with joy. The soft boiled duck egg, the halibut, the roast chicken, the suckling pig, and panna cotta were all out of this world. [although the sausage with the pork was an off note for me] The white bean, the chocolate tart and the tripe ragout were very good.

The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. My malbec wine was perfect. Our server was a doll who topped my wine glass for my poultry course when it was obvious I could not drink another full glass before dessert. The wine is reasonably priced and is now being served in stemware. Apparently they were using tumblers, which is common in Italy and wouldn't have bothered me but it really bothered others. The french press coffee for dessert was fine.

The front room was full, happy and rather loud. We were eating late [9 pm] for around here and we were offered the option of a window table in the front room or the back room. The back room, which you reach walking through the kitchen, was peaceful and friendly with only one other couple finishing their meal.

It's true that Piccolo is a tasting menu format. The portions are small and it's unlikely that you could spend less than $40 per person. [that would not include tax and tip] That makes it a special occasion restaurant for most, including me. But I have no problem with that. I was full, not stuffed after my 3 courses. Since I can't really eat sugar dessert is unlikely for me.

When you eat here this is the point of your evening. You would not be there to grab a bite before a show. Trying to eat here in a hurry would not work. But if you want to try new foods, new combinations, eat seasonal and feel a bit spoiled than this would be a place for you.

Make reservations, it's a tiny space and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful! If I'm ever back in the Twin Cities, I will have to seek out Piccolo for myself.

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