the end of the week

So glad this week is ending because it has not been all that fun.
My bike was stolen Thursday between 5 -6:30 pm. I reacted in the typical way; feeling confused and wondering if I perhaps just misplaced it somewhere. There was feeling of unreality all around. I felt just more confusion then sad then vulnerable, violated, bummed and just plain old weird.

That was the first bike I ever picked out and bought. It was partly a gift from my 2 closest friends, I am going to miss that bike. hmmmm

Then Friday morning I woke up with a migraine. Which still seems totally weird to me. I was fine when I went to bed but somehow while I was sleeping I got sick. It basically wrung me out all Friday and Saturday, which coincided with my wife getting some nasty virus with a temp of 102 and white blood cell count of 2000. This coincided with rain, humidity and more rain, we were quite the dank and unhappy pair who canceled all plans for visiting the lake this weekend.

Now it is Sunday. Things are looking a bit brighter. I tried to run at the Y and semi-succeeded, although the humidity and fumes from the redone floor made me less effective. My wife no longer has a fever, it is still rainy and humid and three people have offered to loan me bikes. So slowly the clouds are lifting at least metaphorically and our health induced breaks seem to be winding down.

I know there are people out there who had wonderful bright and sunshiny weekends. I love to think of that and live vicariously. Here's to a happy next week for all.


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