running report week 4

We all hear that time is relative and my running certainly proves that. Here I am with 'week' 4 finished and I have been running for 2 months. Most of my weeks last 8 days minimum

My own pace is enough though.

Week 4 was a nice gentle increase of over my week 3a. I was doing the full 3 minute and 5 minute intervals, my running distance increased over the week from 1 mile to 1 and 1/8.

I ran outside here in the city for only the second time. I was only on the sidewalk for a couple of blocks. Concrete is really nasty on the hips. But the sky and flowers were all lovely. For the first time the podcast had a musical choice that I found odd, but is certainly distracted me from the effort of running while I tried to figure out if the song was suppose to sound like that.

I have really missed my heart rate monitor which snapped and broke in a spin class almost 2 weeks ago. I am still waiting to hear if it will be replaced by the maker, it's less than a year old and was not cheap.

Week 5, has 3 different types of running going on, supposedly culminating in one 20 minute run, no walking, at the end of the week. I understand the purpose of this but I think it's going to take more than 2 running sessions for me to build up to 20 minutes. So I will be doing weeks 5a and 5b then trying 20 minute run sometime around the summer solstice before moving on to 'week' 6. I am feeling fine but still waiting for that increase of energy that regular exercise is suppose to bring. I hope it's coming.


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