writing goals

Monday was a big day all around for me. Not only did I run 20 minutes in the morning first time ever but during the afternoon I finished my first draft of my novel during my weekly write meet. I can't even believe I am typing that. I finished the first draft all 86544 words of it.

It is the strangest feeling, in fact I still can't quite describe it. But along with the strange parts is the really happy part. I am so glad I have my first draft done.
I have to laugh when I think that I wrote over 50 K in November and then took 7 months to do 36K more. But I just couldn't keep up the pace of nanowrimo for long.

I am really looking forward to revising it now. As I wrote the first draft I kept thinking of things I wanted to change and scenes I wanted to add. Some characters became more interesting to me. Some things are so bad they make me laugh. Some scenes just doesn't make any sense.

Mostly it has been a lot of fun, and I think revising it will be even more fun. I hope everyone has some fun this week and a fabulous July.


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