one of my favorite guy things

Cologne. I love men's cologne. I like to wear it, I like to smell it on others. It's amazing how a great smelling guy passing me in the parking lot can perk up my morning. [gay men usually smell best in my world, oh and my best friend]

I had several yummy cologne experiences this week, not sure why all the great smelling fragrances were around but it was lovely. And I managed to not ask one single stranger 'what is that fabulous scent?' Which is good because I always worry how a stranger would take it. It seems to me like such a personal remark to make about someone even if it's a compliment. Not sure why that is....

Anyway over the past few days I was thinking about men's cologne and 'remembering' how I first noticed it as a college freshman. There was a French Canadian guy who just smelled so wonderful, I wanted to follow him around sniffing rapturously. I can't remember what it was called, began with a P....again BF will probably know.

Then today I remembered it was father's day, I was thinking about Dad and I realized that I liked men's cologne way before college. I used to pick stuff out for my boyfriend in high school and before that I liked how my Dad smelled. I think it was Yardley or something...

That made me wonder if perhaps I learned to like men's cologne because I just liked my Dad so much when I was little [still do] My Dad loves kids and was also working from home until I was 8 so I saw a lot of him during my formative years. I hung out with him in his shop for hours. I feel so lucky that I got to spend that time with him.

Sigh, he will be 85 next month and I only get to see him a couple of times a year now. I miss him and feel so grateful that he is still around, that I can pick up the phone and talk to him. And I love smelling wonderful scents and thinking he started me on this enjoyable road.


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