writing and other updates

So close to that first draft being done I can almost taste it. Over 80,000 words and in the story time line I have less than 24 hours to go. Of course out here in none book time, you know reality, my writing partner is on vacation and I have to wonder if I will get any writing done before she returns.

As it is I haven't written in a week. Kind of amazing to me how I put it down and other stuff rushes in but then when I am thinking of the story the words start flowing [usually]. I am looking forward to revising, perhaps if I get some time marked off on my calendar I will get some done... or go to the coffee shop where we usually work, that may help.

Amanda Palmer [Evelyn Evelyn] was a great show if you are out East and have a chance to go, do so! Just try to not have a headache that night, that was the only downside for me, the headache that started at 2pm that afternoon.

Garden still only partially planted, roses are looking incredible though. Hopefully running tomorrow.


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