corned beef and patterns

I had corned beef today and it was awesome. That's one of the things I love about St. Patrick's Day, it's soooo easy to buy corned beef for lunch. Warning: the above is the coherent part of the post.

So about that last post where I realized I was in a pattern. Seeing the pattern was pretty awesome [and funny] and I wasn't surprised that the realization gave me more space around the whole situation. Even though I still have to correct stuff at work, I don't feel like I am being hated for it. I correct and try to move on. A bit like being a teacher, grade the test, it's part of the job.

So my brain? awareness? story mind? has been nibbling at this realization in a relaxed way and gently wondering "so is there some kind of meaning or gift behind this pattern" and I may be seeing something oh so dimly. So now I'll try to put it into words.

I sometimes want to be 'right' In fact a query I have been using this winter is "do I want to be right or free?" When I look at most situations in this way I realize I would rather be free, it cuts through the ego or something...

Correcting at work is like the flip side of this dynamic. I don't actually want or care about being right in this situation. Or to put it another way, I would like the people I work with on projects to all be right. And yet frequently I am stuck being the one who is right. And for the success of the project I have to communicate that.

Suddenly I can clearly see the downside of being 'right'. And it seems such a gift.


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