welcome spring 2011

Here it is the first day of spring and I still can't type. You would not believe how many typos there were in that first sentence.

It seems as I get older I enjoy spring more and more, perhaps it because we have actually had a spring the past few years? I still really enjoy winter and dislike bugs but still I look forward now to the weather warming up. It may be bike related.

So much snow has melted that even with a couple of feet still blocked on the streets by old snow the roads look incredibly wide today. If I had a bike that was ready I would be tempted to ride to dancing tonight.

No big equinox celebration planned, I'm getting ready for a family wedding and that is taking quite a bit of my energy. I did get my first long walk outside without a hat yesterday. The trails aren't clear enough for running, I was a bit optimistic about that but soon they will be. My cat sits outside in his yard with satisfaction and the birds and squirrels are going crazy, spring everywhere.

I can't quite believe with tons of snow this year I still didn't learn to snowshoe, so something to look forward to next year then. xo.


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