yeah for March

A fine time to muse over some stuff that I enjoy.

Here it is, we are a week into March and already it's shaping up to be a bit sweeter than February *knock wood*

Daylight Savings time soon, in just under a week. I love that illusion of more light.

Equinox! No matter how much snow is on the ground still the first day of Spring [March 20th this year in my time zone] is something to celebrate.

Playford and dancing. The first Saturday in March was our 31st Playford ball. That is not a typo, 31 years! It was a lovely affair. My wife sewed me a new gown. Gorgeous brick red/olive dupioni silk. Yet another friend has joined the dancing ranks and a good time was had by all. A full crowd but not crammed this year. I danced three evenings last week and although 3 hours a night is my current limit, I thoroughly enjoyed doing something completely unrelated to chicken pox.

Looking forward to the opera tomorrow. Looks like the snow will be holding off until after midnight. Though I am bemused that the reviewer says the direction 'keeps it real' wtf? I don't go to the opera for 'reality'! I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself.


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