family weddings

So the main reason behind the mini vacation was one of my nephews was getting married. The wedding was at Spanish Bay, so Saturday morning we drove from San Francisco to the Spanish Bay Inn is 2.5 hours. Down Hwy 1. Some native Californians may need to pick themselves off the floor.

We didn't realize what amazing time we had made and we can't quite account for our luck now that we know about it. Was all the rain that day keeping people home? Were others avoiding Hwy 1 fearing wash outs? Was it because I'm from Pennsylvania and I am very comfortable driving on curvy, hilly, narrow roads even in the rain?

Whatever the reason it was brilliant because due to the flight delay the day before we really did not have one extra second and the wedding was at 11 am. It was a nice drive. I was amazed how homey and comfortable I feel on narrow, hilly roads. Minnesota still seems so flat to me.

We had a great time at the wedding. The service was a lovely mix of Buddhist/Western, the appetizers stellar [best scallops ever], lovely wine and lunch. Only silly things went wrong which is typical for any wedding.

Then we were off to find the hotel I had hotwired which had ended up being one that was recommended in the invitation package. Casa Munras was nice, we got a great deal price-wise and there was a fabulous cafe right across the street. As always the pillows were too much for me but this is true everywhere.

After some time to catch our breath in the room we made it back to the resort rather late for the after party and had some lovely chats before getting back at midnight and collapsing into bed. Family duty done for the trip. It was great to see so much of my family.


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