the first week of spring and vacation starts

Well the first week of spring had lots of rain and inches of slushy snow. So no running outside yet. And my entire house went on a shoveling strike.

Then I got ready for our trip to CA and there was spring! We spent 4+ days in Monterey and San Francisco. There were lots of green trees and flowers, lots of rain the first 2 days and lots of green. It was brisk on the coast but just delightful.

The getting to CA was a bit fraught, a starter blew on the engine and had to be replaced so we sat in the plane at the gate for 2+ hours. It was dark and pouring when we arrived and impossible to find the key my sister had hidden no matter how hard we tried. I did meet the neighborhood skunk and thankfully did not get sprayed. Luckily the rehearsal dinner had ended early and we got specific directions for key hunting and collapsed. The sea crashed all night long, I kept waking up and hearing it and falling back asleep happy.

Our mini vacation just kept on getting better from then on...


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