loving this weather

The first day of Spring is this Sunday and the weather here has been very spring-like all week here. The piles of snow are rapidly shrinking, the birds are being raucous in the mornings and there was a sighting of herons on the river. Red wing blackbirds can't be far behind.

Plus the illusion of more daylight thanks to daylight savings time. Which I will enjoy much more as soon as my body stops wanting to stay up past midnight.

I have found myself thinking about biking again. Wondering if I should invest in a new bike, I never did replace the stolen one. I definitely need a rack and panniers. Perhaps I'll ride to and from the train station and take public transport to work this year.

Oh and running! I did a bit on the treadmill this winter, but not much. I can't wait to go to the bird sanctuary and run on the dirt paths. Perhaps I'll even be able to do that this weekend and I am looking forward to finishing my couch to 5K program in the warm weather. [I got up to about 2.3 miles last year]

Then there are daffodils, and corned beef and cheese-cake and egg dishes...all spring to me.

I love to hear about springtime plans from others and get inspired. What does spring mean to you?


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