CSA great so far, garden behind

This has been a busy summer in so many ways that I haven't made the time to write about our CSA or garden this summer.

As I said before the early spring seemed to throw me and I got stuff planted quite late. This year I put in tomatoes, orange bell peppers, basil, kale, and cauliflower. I am also planning on a late summer crop of lettuce and peas. One nice thing about all the rain, we haven't had to worry about dragging the sprinkler out and with all the heat and humidity these past couple of weeks things seem to be taking off. Things are pretty buggy though, lots is getting munched on. I have been using the safe soap sparingly. We'll see if I get anything to harvest.

As for the CSA we went down to every other week and I am really enjoying it. The early spring has been fabulous for the CSA, we have already got broccoli and cauliflower, summer squash, strawberries, fennel, so much fabulous food. This week we get 2 kinds of beets, lots of salad greens and summer squash, sugar and snap peas.

Even though there is so much less food than last summer it can still be hard for us to get through it all. In fact we still have garlic scrapes and scallions left from a week ago. I am hopeful I will be able to buckle down and really concentrate on what wonderful things I can make or freeze with tomorrow's box. I have noticed that if I am not the one who unpacks the CSA box then I tend to totally forget half of what we get and then things languish in the fridge. Which reminds me of what luxury we live in where food can actually not get used.

Helping us eat all this produce the first 12 days of July is my wonderful niece and gorgeous goddaughter. They both love veggies, and it's been fun to have some food inspiration with them around. Of course their visit has been fun in many ways. It is so pleasant to have visitors that are just such a joy.

To wrap up this food themed post I tried Crenshaw melons for the first time last month and I love them. It was a pleasant surprise since I don't really like cantaloupe or honeydew but the spicy sweetness of the crenshaw melons are just right for me. If only I could find some really good prosciutto to have with it. Here's hoping something delicious heads your way soon.


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