autumnal equinox 2011

It's late this year but summer is now officially over and my favorite season is starting. We are having a mild day here with a bit of a nip in the air. I am enjoying a day off although I had a rocky start due to some vile pizza at work yesterday.

Creativity and biking are in full flow and I feel fruitful and mellow myself. A few trees are starting to turn and the squirrels are ripping down my neighbors' sunflowers and stealing all the tomatoes they can get their paws on, naughty beasts. It's all good and I am grateful.

Now for gardening wrap up #6.

fourth bed NW, the good:
Many different varieties of lavender, french, english, cynthia johnson. All doing well neither the extreme heat/humidity of July nor the drought of August seemed to bother them. Huge transplanted oregano plants also did well as did both varieties of parsley. The subtle shades of the icelandic poppies were a delight.

fourth bed NW, the bad:
Of all the african daisies these orange ones really hated the heat, even their foliage crisped up. They are finally recovering now even though september is almost over. The poppies didn't make it although I coddled them a lot. Perhaps they were just in the wrong location?

I have loved my new herb garden and I am really happy that we made it this summer. There have been many butterflies and dragonflies in the yard this year so it seems our little ecosystem is doing well. It will be fun to dream about the beds this winter and make plans for the spring.

As we move into the next season I wish all a fruitful harvest of whatever you nutured. peace


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