change of seasons and third garden reflection '11

Highs in the '90s Monday then today I woke up to temps in the 40s. Before work I was wearing my leather jacket and it felt good. Amazing change. Although equinox is still 9 days away we are getting a pre-autumnal taste. For me it felt great. Like a vigorous refreshing scrub from the wind, it seemed that both my mind and body woke up in a new tingling way. I hope even the summer lovers can enjoy it a bit.

Still lots of sunshine and no rain. Watering happening again today for the plants that most need it. This brings me to my garden notes. Probably because I am a number geek I numbered the four corner beds and that is how I refer to them.

First bed SE, the good:

I had the last minute idea to plant mostly white flowers in this bed and I liked the effect. I will probably do that again. The white osteospermum stopped blooming in the heat of July but the leaves stayed richly green. The yellow of the dill in the background made the cool whites pop a bit more. The white dianthus flourished which is a first for me. I grew chervil for the first time ever and loved it a lot. I don't think it comes back up here so I will be planting it again next year for sure.

First bed SE, the bad:
The scentless dianthus, I hope to find scented next year. The white geraniums were just eh. Need to plant more coriander. Both the dill and coriander need fencing or twine to encourage them from flopping over. The basil that is planted on the edge of each of the four beds grew well, but only one of the 16 plants grew into the globe that as it was advertised...

Enjoyed this bed all in all, attractive and not too much work...


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