memories of India

Yesterday I needed two things. Distraction from all the itching and rice. I wasn't feeling very clever though, it felt like I had used all available brain cells on my work during the day.
[I did have a killer office day though]

Suddenly I remembered this article about BZA India's Kitchen and we hopped in the car and went.

Their food was wonderful and really transplanted me back to Hyderabad. Their portions and hearts are large, their prices and menu choices small. We had the lamb biryani and the butter chicken which were absolutely wonderful. The potato samosas were loaded with different veggies and also superb. The mango lassi and bread were average.

One of the soothing things about this place was it's focus, it is not the same as most other twin cities Indian restaurants. It serves up about a dozen entrees and does them well. But they don't do everything and that is a strength. If we lived in the neighborhood I could see us going there a few times a month, it was that good.

We will certainly go back when we are in the mood for that food again. It's a lovely little place.


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