no rain and first garden reflection '11

It's been a long time since we have rain, at least it seems long.

Of course all I need to do is compare it to TX or OK and then I realize a couple of weeks or so is nothing. It does seem strange though, after all the rain and rain and rain to be dealing with some fairly severe dryness. When I did some watering today I almost felt like the plants were both happy and rolling their eyes 'geesh, she finally noticed we're dehydrated'.

Anyway I hope they are happy now. I was the mosquito's dinner tonight but if my plants are happy I am as well.

First Garden Reflection:

As I watered I thought more about my garden and realized that there is a lot I would like to remember about this year so I better start making notes.

The good: My new garden seat that my wife built. I love it more than I can say. And the cheap yellow cushion I found for it has been comfortable. The shelf for my drink was an awesome addition. I hope I get many weeks of sitting on it this autumn. The new chocolate vine is doing well. It did not bloom this year but as it is a perennial I am not too concerned about that. I look forward to seeing what it does next year. The transplanted clematis is doing well also.

The bad: The snail vine. I now know there are two 'snail vines' but the one that is also called the corkscrew vine is the one with the great scent and I do not have that one. I have the one with purple flowers that attracts ants. Luckily this is a tropical vine and will die off this winter. I will not plant this again.

As always gardens are a learning experience.


Máire said...

Yeeeah, I was wondering if you knew about the ants. I decided I was only there for a few minutes and I'd just cope with nature's less pleasing mysteries.

It can't be stated enough how many pleasantly fragrant plants you have growing in your garden. Well done.

M'self, I wouldn't mind a little rain to take some of the pollen out of the atmosphere. But, as you say, allergy problems pale in comparison to certain current goings-on.

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