so I brought one home

So for the first time since 2003 I am typing on my very own personal computer. The last Mac I bought sometime in the 90's....could it have been a performa? Or did I get one after that? I can't even remember.

I have incredible computer patience, I don't like to upgrade often in home computers... And then in 2003 I decided that my work laptop was more than adequate and I used that for almost everything. It was so much less work although I did miss my Mac OS.

In 2007 my wife shared her elderly laptop with me and I started writing a lot more and it worked fine, until it died a buggy death earlier this year.

Meanwhile all the light portable pads and notebooks were coming out. I did look at the iPad a bit but quickly realized that it didn't do what I wanted, It would irritate me for all the same reasons an iPhone would [which is why I don't have either] but the door to having my own computer was opened.

Then today, a good 18 months later, I have brought one home. Any guesses? It feels indulgent to be buying something like this just for me but so far so good. I think we will be happy together. I can't wait to schedule more writing time and find a nice sleeve for this baby

Here's to many productive years and projects!


Máire said...

I can't begin to guess -- I'm just so stunned that I forgot/never knew you used to use Macs!

May10antsdiva said...

Welcome back into the fold.

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