The weather was brilliant

My extremely itchy case of poison ivy has delayed this party report. But I have been thinking happily about the party since Sunday night.

The weather, so brilliant for the party. It was such a delight for me to have so many friends in my garden enjoying it. As an added bonus my street was closed due to construction all weekend long. But since it was the weekend there wasn't any work being done. This made parking more of a challenge but the eerie quiet of the street was a precious thing. There should have been a huge block party up and down the street to take advantage of it.

There were occasional clouds scudding across the sky so I did keep the food inside and that worked fine. There was a breeze and the insects were not troublesome.

Some food notes:
~I made way too much chicken salad, but that meant I had plenty for my work potluck on Tuesday.
~After making my regular rather chunky chicken salad I pulsed it in the food processor a bit to make it more of a spread, this kept the sandwich together nicely.
~Not sure still if I liked the cucumber-mint-feta sandwiches enough to do again.
~The scones were fabulous, one per was plenty.
~Next time don't think I'll make deviled eggs the day ahead.
~I like how the chocolate souffle cupcakes turned out.

Since it was lovely summer weather the iced Lady Londonderry Tea was wildly popular. That is by far my favorite tea to ice. I have been drinking it for years. I also made Chai, which one can drink hot or cold and we had some fruit juices and fizzy water. If there was any downside it was my new tea pot did not get used since most people were drinking cool drinks.

It made me realize that I need to invite people over to tea much more often. This may be a new goal. I love our garden and terrace so much! I do feel lucky. I was reminded of the stunning weather there was for my wedding shower, some of the best weather of 2007, my best friend's birthday is a powerful charm.

Happy September everyone. They are saying this is probably the last 90+ day of the year. Autumn is one it's way!!


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