lots of labyrinths and 5th garden reflection '11

Saturday morning I had the wonderful opportunity to go out to paths of peace and wander the many labyrinths. There are 15 out there but I only managed to walk 7. Such an incredible creative charge from all of it along with one very stiff ankle.

The morning set me up for the planning meeting that afternoon for the 2012 annual international gathering that will be here in WI. It also gave me a creative push for a workshop idea which I am really looking forward to developing for next year.

Third Bed, NE, the good:
The scented geranium was a joy with its variegated leaves. The two colors of osterspernum worked together, the plummy purple in particular seemed so happy. My big experiment of the Cynthia Johnson lavender are in this and the 4th bed outlining the main entrance. They grew well and I am hoping they are will be as perennial as the claims, I can't wait to see them next summer as well.

Third bed, NE, the bad:
Borage, it was a mistake to plant it on the edge near the sidewalk, it attracted tons of bees. Also I just didn't really like it that much, I don't think I will have it next year. Again those calendula needed constant dead-heading, that got to be too much really and then they just looked ratty.

Overall in this bed some things were great and some just eh. I thought of it as my carnival bed it was jumping with so many bright colours.


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