second garden reflection '11

Since the herb garden has been the big new thing this year I am going to organize my notes on it for 5 posts, bed by bed.

Center Bed, the good:
The white climbing rose we transplanted to the center of the center. It loves it's new home and I have been training it up the obelisk. It is gorgeous right now and enjoying a vigorous autumn bloom. All the boxwood I have planted are alive [even the one that was severely munched] and growing, they are the beginning of the miniature hedge that will echo the brick outline of the center bed, I hope they all make it through the winter. Will use more 'rabbit scram' on them. The two english thyme [creeping] are wonderful with a great lemony scent. They have grown well. The sweet alyssum I planted as an annual filler [due to the small box plants] have done well and been a cheerful purple note of colour. They were planted on a extremely hot day, I wasn't sure they would make it but they did!

Center Bed, the bad:
Those Japanese beetles. I spent a lot of time picking them off the rose. They seemed to love it as much as me. Now I need to figure out how to find and kill their larvae this autumn so that it isn't worse next year! I wish I remembered the name of the rose. :( The obelisk may be a bit too short, it's only 5 feet tall. The bunny that ignored all the spinach and greens in the garden and munched my boxwood. Bad bunny! I am a bit disappointed that the thyme which had great variegated leaves when I bought it turned a bright emerald green. Perhaps that is typical for thyme?


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