early spring

As I have mentioned we are having a blissful spring this year weather wise. Frequently this area goes right from freezing snow to blistering summer temps with very little lingering in between. But not this year. This year there was no snow in March [and usually it is the snowiest month]. Instead it seems we have had weeks and weeks of sunny weather, sometimes in the 70s but not always, cooler nights and blooms everywhere. All the trees are flowering enthusiastically a whole month ahead of some years. Really it has been glorious. The earliest spring since 1981. My roses are already growing, the lavender actually survived the winter and the weeds are all extremely happy.

While I have been enjoying it immensely I have also been thrown off my gardening game. While sitting on the terrace last Tuesday I realized that the grass desperately needed to be cut --on April 2oth. I keep on thinking our CSA is going to start any time, because it feels like it should be the third week of May not April. And we are not out of the woods, we still have a least a couple of weeks where we could get a hard frost and we'll have to cover the cherry tree with a sheet to protect the blossoms.

Well at least we don't have stuff to water yet, but my gardens are looking me wondering when I am going to get them prepped for growth. Also I am arguing with myself, should I plant some cold weather stuff early? Is that foolish? What on earth am I going to plant this year? All in all though it's a fun challenge to have, I adore this spring.


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