How will this end?

The short answer is that I really have no idea.

Which is probably too short. So I am closing in on the end of my first draft and I can't really visualize how it's all going to end. I think it's because I am once again approaching new territory. I have a kinda grasp on starting a story, I have been writing it for almost 6 months, I even have lots of ideas of how I want to revise stuff in the second draft...but how the heck do I end it?

I could place the blame squarely on my fairly mild childhood abandonment issues. Endings and saying good byes is something that is challenging for me at least half of the time. But now I notice that as I write all this out to you my dear blog readers that I feel kind of excited. I am going to try something new! Write an ending, wrap stuff up in a fairly neat way... [I'll go for clever in the second draft] who knows it may be fun? I may find out that I am good at it. I really just don't know.

Time to follow through on this whole 3000 words this week, luck to us all in all of our challenges.


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