Thursday and musical notes

Thursday ended with a great late night concert at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Work had been dreadful, a headache was threatening to ascend to a migraine, my dear wife had to do all the dinner preparations since I was resting trying to ditch the headache.

But you know the nap worked, which was a gift in itself because I am a pretty poor napper. My in laws came over and we had a great dinner. Grilled steak, risotto, and sauteed fennel. The starter was leftse, hard sausage and creamed herring which all the Scandinavians gobbled happily.

Then the late show at BLB, opening with Rachael Cantu with Alex Silverman and then Garrison Starr. Silverman and his fabulous slide guitar really gave an extra depth to Rachel's performance. Then Starr's set was a joy. This was the second time I caught a performance and I was so impressed with her development over the last few years. Her voice was rich and vibrant. And the ease with which she played virtually any request was delightful.

Upcoming there are more musical adventures planned. Kaki King is coming in May, Amanda Palmer in June and the fabulous David Daniels is coming in September. Musical delights in store.


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