more music fun

I am going to try to push past this feverish cold that is kicking my ass and get a bit of blogging done. I have been spending a bit of my down time thinking about my novel and how on earth to write the end. If I seem unusually incoherent in this post you all know the reason why now.

Last Friday my sweetie and I went on a double date. yes it was almost as cutsie as it sounds. We ate some Indian food at our favorite place. We laughed at how the host kept insisting both to us and to our friends that the women on the other side were the ones we were waiting for...they were so confused when we explained no those aren't our friends. It took me back to my time in India in a flash. That general look of confusion 'oh you mean I am wrong...' *snort*

Then we went on to Ginkos for the Pamela Means concert. The opening act was pleasant enough and certainly gutsy. Then we saw Pamela M who was awesome as usual. It has been several years since I have seen her and she has just gotten better and better. Her guitar playing honed to an edge and her musical range between jazz and political driven story songs. She truly is electrifying. Which seems a bit odd now that I type that because her energy is so low key. When I have more brain functioning I'll puzzle over that conundrum some more. It was a great start to a fabulous weekend before I got sick as a dog. Healing as well, it helped me miss Austin a little less.

Back to the tissues infused with vapor rub for me!


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