various updates and lookbacks

Virus still kicking my butt and it seems likely this weekend will be spent in trying to catch up on work that just couldn't get done when I was feeling even sicker during the week. I just wish I could get some good sleep. Most nights I have to sleep sitting up because I cough uncontrollably when I lay down. So very tired. I have something brand new that may be emerging soon, but since I have such limited brain power I am not going to try to tackle it yet. Soon hopefully.

Its been over 4 months since I started the 'no multi-tasking while eating effort' and I am still struggling with it. Once again I notice that it gets harder when I am sick, it's like I crave old comfy habits even more when I feel under the weather. Frequently the past couple of weeks I have needed to stand to eat in the kitchen to keep myself from reaching for a book, and at work the press of work makes it very hard to not stay on the computer while I consume that apple. Here's hoping that it will eventually get easier.

Luckily I was not sick last weekend because not only did we go to that great concert but a group of us in our quest for a new favorite Vietnamese Restaurant went to Jasmine26 and then to see the Sorcerer [Gilbert and Sullivan], Jasmine 26 was very good, it doesn't fill the void we have had since Saigon closed but I will be eating there again. The Sorcerer was delightful, although not my favorite operetta in terms of the musical score the voices that were part of this cast--some were really first rate. the women who played Constance and Aline stand out for me the most. And all other parts, musicians, sets, direction very well done. This is one of my favorite springtime traditions. Unfortunately this was the second to last performance but next spring is sure to be great as well, circle next March on your calendars. It's Pirates of Penzance in 2011.

Then Sunday night was ECD as usual but not. We welcomed a new caller Margaret who I hope will agree to become a regular. This is in no way a criticism of our other callers, everyone brings their own style to calling, which is wonderful. It can also be very enjoyable to have different styles to experience. I don't know that I had a point except that I really enjoyed Margaret's style and picks for dances, it was joyful for me and before things got lost in the mists of illness I wanted to express that.

Last weekend was fabulous like the one before it in Austin. This weekend very different flavor, or really no flavor at all thanks to this virus. Just work and self care, sleepiness and head aches and gratitude for all the great stuff in my life. I hope all attending minicon, my favorite Easter tradition, are having a fabulous time. I'm with you in spirit.


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