writing goal update not forgotten

So yeah, how did last week's writing goal go? Great!
Super, so you wrote 1500 words? 1500 words? nope about 500.
So you didn't make goal but it was great? yes, isn't that great?

And you know it really is great, because for the second week in a row I wrote during the week leading up to my next writers meet up. I was more engaged in my story as the week went by and when I sat down to write on Monday I wrote a lot, with quite a bit of ease.

I am spiraling down towards my conclusion and it feels great. The amount of dreck that flows into my first draft is still laughable, but I am determined to get an ending written and then move onto revisionland! hurrah. I jump back in my first draft and make notes where I want to add or explain in the second draft as ideas come to me. Then when I jump back toward the near end I go on. 2 weeks ago the ending was the vaguest outline in the haze with a couple of words 'renewal happens'. Now when I think of the ending I can see so much more, the shape, the characters, some of the events that are going to happen, it's a glorious feeling.

Many thanks again to my writing partner, when we chat about our stories it is like lights get turned on in the darkness and suddenly I see things in my story's landscape that were there all the time, blinking benignly at me. Though I just realized we neither set a goal for this week nor the next time we are going to meet! That's not like us but still we write.

word count = 74,615


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