wow on Sunday

This was a hard weekend in some ways. A lot of time was spent shopping with my wife, it was necessary and successful, we hit major sales, but it was draining. Neither of us enjoy shopping much at all.
Then Saturday night I needed to be online to work on a special project from 6pm to 2am. I felt really out of rhythm with my schedule and then the hardware change had to backed out anyway. Such a drag. I also noted that apparently it is way easier to stay up late when you are having a riotous time in Austin with friends than when it is for work.
So when Sunday started I was feeling pretty cranky and not well rested. But the day just kept on getting better. First a fabulous brunch out on our terrace, including fresh off the tree grapefruit my in-laws had just brought to town. Then I actually sat outside in the gorgeous weather and read a book. Something I don't have all that much time to do anymore. Then a fabulous workout at the Y.
Really the day was already stellar but there's more. I had decided to give ECD a miss for a second week in a row so that I could go to the Ellis and Susan Werner concert. It had been a hard decision because I love dancing and I love concerts. The fabulous Ellis seemed even more incandescent with joy than usual for good reason. I don't blame you if you find that hard to believe.
I was rendered incandescent with surprised goofy delight when she called for Trina Hamlin to the stage to join her [and Susan Werner] for the last song. There was babbling, seat bouncing and I think clutched my friend's arm [not hard--I think]. Hopefully I didn't embarrass my friend too much because I think I acted like an overjoyed dork. It was awesome [for me]. We'll see if she ever agrees to go to another concert with me.
I have been been longing to see Trina Hamlin and hear her awesome harmonica in person and there she was performing with Susan Werner for an entire set. Ok, Ellis is taking most of the summer off to be with her family but you have an opportunity to see Susan Werner and Trina Hamlin, you want to -- really -- don't hesitate, see them if you can, buy tickets now. How's that for subtle suggestion?


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