writing goal update and others

Word count = 72,519 Anyone who cares and has rudimentary math skills will see that I so did not meet my 3000 word goal last week.

But despair not the goal served one of its most important purposes, it got me writing outside of my writing meet ups and I went from feeling 'how the heck is this story going to end anyway' to 'hey I am really excited to be writing this stuff'' Although neither of us made it to 3000 words my writing partner suggested a goal for this week of 1500, still stretching but perhaps a bit more reachable for us. [and she got way more words done than I last week!]

Really our Monday write in was awesome this week, I really felt like I was chugging along with the story. The weather continues to be one of the nicest springs in my memory. We went to Java Jacks, where the large rolling windows were wide open, so even when you were sitting inside, you felt like you were sitting outside, perhaps on a covered porch. The only downside is my stressful day job which does its best to suck a lot of joy out of my life and leaves me way less time for writing.

Still so much to feel joyful about.


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