fever induced insanity perhaps

ok, I don't think this running thing is a fever induced fantasy world. [but if it was would I know at this point?] I am fairly clear on my process to get here after all.

But I am still really new at this. So first lesson learned. if you combine this new [high impact] exercise with your normal ECD dancing and we dance 3 hours the first Sunday of the month, the same day, you are probably going to be feeling it a lot in your body the next day. Seriously couldn't I have thought that through beforehand? Can I get better at knowing when I am pushing too hard? Oh wait- this I can blame on my fever - you know from last week- huh. Nope can't make that fly. Why is it so hard to say 'no' sometimes? How can the space needed for me to hear myself get created?

Anyway can I remember that icing is good and should be done asap? Seems doable.
Safe growth all!


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