revisions are different

Writing update: So here I am in revision world. It's different.

My first draft is done and I finally have the space to fix things, write the prologue I was thinking about, get rid of slow scenes I kind of hated and just tighten things up in general.

My story is in 4 parts and I have broken my revised draft into those parts so I am no longer dealing with one humongous file.

It's quite fun, I am enjoying it as I thought I would but it is pretty slow. It seems very slow. I am on page 12, that's about 6000 words. Word counts aren't really meaningful anymore though while I am deleting and creating and cleaning up so much. Did I mention it's different? I am doing more active thinking. Playing a bit with word usage, polishing punctuation, and trying to catch illogical stuff.

Of course part 1 probably needs the most revisions out of the four. right? Perhaps it will start speeding up? It would be great to be done with revising before November 1st and the next nanowrimo.

[Nanowrimo is in just 3 months, sign up this year, you know you want to...]

Oh and one of my characters is Dutch. I am barely getting over the Netherlands defeat in the world cup. It was sad.


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