shoe sense?

Well I really put it off as long as I could because I was dreading it but I went shoe shopping last week. My super strict 18 month old goddaughter made me.

Once again it was horrible. I never seem to see the shoes I want at the time, but the shoes I was looking for 6-10 months earlier are falling on my head. [way too late to do me any good] I walked around DSW, which plays great music by the way and found some nice shoes for work this autumn on sale but no summer sporty slip ons.

I then went to REI willing to spend and use my dividend. I did find a reasonable pair of sporty, cushy, flip flops which will be semi useful for camping and they only ended up costing $8 dollars.

I then realized that both my old Tevas and Keens fit my niece so I broke up with them good and sent them away with her. It feels great to not have those losers from last summer looking at me anymore.

Saturday, still desperate for sturdy, comfy shoes for camping I went to Savers with my wife. I don't know why I don't rely on her superpower more often. It's like I am Darren in Bewitched. Anyway I go to Savers with her, walk over to the shoe rack and there they are are; brown, sturdy, comfortable, sporty clogs, just what I wanted for camping. $7.99 seriously.

Even her super powers couldn't get me the right shorts, but brown yoga pants, $5, in my size, which I never see new anywhere. I just don't know how she does it but I am grateful and it might be months before I need to shoe shop again! [Although I noticed the soles of my black boots are cracking but I am in total denial]

Thankfully she only uses her powers for good.

You know I am much more serene about possibility of shoes not working out when I only spend $8 instead of $80.


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