sometimes it's better to be fake

This post comes with a disclaimer. If you read this blog and know me offline as well be assured that this post is not about you or anyone who would ever read this blog.

So I have this guy in my life who does not listen. Occasionally if he is really working on it he can listen somewhat but this is fairly rare. He gets overloaded with information very easily, even if he is the one asking for the information. It doesn't seem to make any difference if we are communicating face to face or by email. Occasionally I get very judgmental in my head and wonder if he is just a moron but then I let go and I work on not taking it personally. He has this difficulty with many people.

I don't know much about him but he comes across as a goodhearted, very anxious, fearful person. I try to have compassion.

I cannot avoid him entirely. Although some days I certainly try. Right now he is in my life and that is what it is. I have attempted at various time to give him information, seen him fail to understand without realizing it and have recognized that there isn't anything I can do to change this. So now I nod pleasantly, thank him for his input and say things like 'I see your point' or 'thanks for passing that on.' and move on.

So what is the issue? It seems like I am coping pretty well, right? Well I feel like a big faker. Totally inauthentic and well... a big condescending liar. Metaphorically I am patting him on the head like he's 2 years old and say 'that's nice dear'.

But there isn't anything else to do at this juncture. I know I am making the most emotionally healthy response. Still it is weird to have being fake be the best option. Certainly took me by surprise. Here's hoping the situation doesn't last too long.

Those of you both online and off, thank you for listening, thinking and being real.
You are appreciated. Stellar weekends to all!


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