Where will you be the first week of August 2010?

The advanced sale ticket deadline for the Michigan womyn's music festival is rapidly approaching, June 10. It's not too late to call. Ticket information is here.

Going to the festival is a unique experience for every woman. I knew about it for years before I finally said to myself Enough dithering, this year I am going no matter what! I am so happy that I did.

Some of my favorite parts; showering under the stars. Watching some of the little girls run around in fairy wings feeling totally safe. Really unplugging from the electronic world and the clock. Taking time to listen to just me and feel sad or happy, lonely or contented. Chatting with womyn from all over. Exploring wild and weird workshops. Waking up to the sound of dozens of voices chanting. Just being in a culture that makes room for mothers and children and acknowledges their work. Being blown away by some of the music. Walking in the woods in the middle of the night feeling protected and cherished. Watching sisters move through lifelong issues.

That's just me though, it is different for every attendee with something for all. It works as long as you are aware you cannot possibly do it all. Maybe this year I'll finally take in a movie.

I hope each of you get some peace and time just for yourself this summer and maybe I'll see some of you in Michigan.


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