talking to the max

So back from a weekend up north. Ah the quiet north woods but it was different this time. I was up there with some of my family and my family are talkers.

I define talkers as people who can just effortlessly chatter away, about pretty near anything and it doesn't really seem to cost them any energy. This wears me out so quickly. Also I usually can tune things out when I am reading but the volume didn't really allow for that this time.

The talk is interesting, mostly and they really aren't expecting a lot back from me. I think they realize that I am not a big talker. [you there, quit sniggering]

Ok, yes at times I am extremely talkative but it is a continuum and after I talk I get all tired out. I also try to listen and give the people I am with my attention. This also takes tons of energy. I think I know this about myself but still it surprises me. I found myself Saturday afternoon in a heap on the bed listening to the rain with the door closed 'taking a nap'. I am a horrible napper but I was like an overstimulated toddler who just needed downtime.

I am not exactly sure why I am writing about this except that it was a big deal for me this weekend and I feel the need to acknowledge that in some way. Also, perhaps, I am noticing my burnout level sooner than before and self care is kicking in quicker, so that is a very good thing.
I am also becoming aware that it may take several days, up to a week, for me to really recover. Do I bounce back slower nowadays?

I don't want to imply there is any right or wrong about this, some people are more talkative than
others and that really is ok. but for now, Quiet to all who need it .


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