Babies--you can only prepare so much

One of the big changes this week was that my lead's baby was born 2/21. A healthy, happy baby is always a great thing for the world. The second Kat born this year [of which I am aware].

We all knew the baby was coming of course. I believe my lead first mentioned it last August or so. We had plenty of time to prepare. My lead's pregnancy seemed to go normally, we all knew that the baby was due the end of Feb or first week of Mar. We were informed and ready!

Ha. It just goes to show that no matter how much you plan you cannot predict the future. I honestly don't think we could have done more ahead of time. We didn't fail. It just seems that until that person is actually gone you don't realize what is really going to come up when they are gone. The pattern doesn't change until the piece is gone and the pattern...ok you know what I mean.

This became one of the many challenges of the past week. Things came up. A capable person's work was now being divided among many and new questions, new procedures lots of new started. It made me pause.

Why are we so afraid of change? Is it really that bad? Why do we dislike getting out of our comfort zones when it seems to be so good for us to learn new things? More personally, is yoga helping me have a calm mind when stress erupts? Is it any one's job, much less mine, to hold people accountable? Does it take more strength to bend?

Really, what will make me happier with this life? I'm thinking bending not rigidity. The kicker: How can I implement this?

Join me if you like for this social science experiment: More qi gong. Tune in and see how it went. Try and see if you can be less rigid around your own challenge if you want. Peace out


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