great niece

I have now joined the fortunate ranks of those who have a great niece. Officially I mean. She was born on 1/5, but it didn't seem quite real until I met her last week. Aside: I now have a set, one of each. Really doesn't get better.

It was a great experience. I got to see my flower girl [favorite niece], first time since the wedding and her husband. I got to see their new house in VA for the first time. And I got to meet Katrina.

Kat is a little dumpling of a baby, with Buddha chins, rosy kissable cheeks, a fabulous head of hair and a pensive expression. She has the widest, gummiest smile though when she wants. You probably would like a picture posted but we know the issues I have with that. Maybe some day soon.

Wow though I had completely blacked out the challenges of a new born. She is nice, light and portable. She loves breast milk and she has incredible lungs. It doesn't seem like taking care of a sweet tiny baby would be so exhausting but don't kid yourself it is! Seriously if you are pregnant right now start sleeping more because you will be short later.

And if meeting her wasn't wonderful enough I was asked to be godmother, baptism in DC in May. My very first god-daughter. I am so excited. [too bad I have to get on a plane again]

I realize as I sit in front of this keyboard that I could babble endlessly about how cute she is, how proud I am of her mommy, what incredible senses of humour Nic and Bruce have about their first child. There was this tall tale I told in a sushi buffet involving the baby and the 'Wrath of Khan' that was hysterical but you probably needed to be there. The collies and kitty were friendly, all that plus spring flowers and the ocean. Truly wonderful.

oh, and I am going to be godmother. Did I mention that earlier? Tra la. So cool.


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