working in India

Did I mention I may be traveling to India?
kidding. I know that I did. It's just such a huge thing that I frequently say the above outloud as I try to adjust to the notion.

Part of me doesn't want to think about it too much since nothing is definite. But it would be such an incredible thing I have to give myself time to get used to it. I have to research it and establish some comfort with the idea.

I may go to India this year. Unbelievable. I have been doing quite a bit of reading and thinking because that is how I normally respond to new possibilities. It has been quite mind blowing.

I love one of the descriptions of first arrival in India, I think it was on the indiaMike forum. Imagine that an international pop star is arriving at the airport, there are 1000s of shouting people there because of this, the place is crammed. And this is what stepping out of an international Indian airport is like at 3 am on just a normal day.

My work will be putting me up in a 5 star hotel, the nightly price is unreal compared to what average indians make. We fly business class. The security dogs will sniff the car before entering the hotel chekcing for gun powder. There will be poverty everywhere. Yet my colleagues in India are in such demand that they can get 30 other job offers the moment they walk out of the building. So many contrasts to the US where most of us don't know what will happen to our jobs. One dollar is worth over 50 rupees right now.

I will not simply be a tourist answerable only to me, but I will have to work for weeks in new challenging conditions. At the same time this should be great, I will be able to meet my coworkers, have people to talk to and ask for advice. The one co-worker that is likely to travel from here with me is a peach. I don't know who else may be going. I can't believe how complicated it is just getting a travel Visa.

Then I need to plan what I will do with the extra time over there, so much to see in such a huge place. How will I get time to myself? Wow, it's just wow all over. I feel giddy and nervouse and enraptured and a bit ill all at once at the thought of it all.

I hope I get the chance. Things look good so far. They had me apply for my travel American Express and I already have a passport. They have sent me the documentation to read.

There is so much to wrap my head around. To feel so lucky at the same time there is all this uncertainty in this country. I guess that's one of the reasons for yoga, to work on the balance I so need.


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