Playford Ball 2009

The 29th annual Playford Ball was this week. It was a lovely occasion.

I really enjoy English County Dancing anyway but the ball makes it extra fun. So many people put their sewing skills into making wonderful costumes. The live music is always wonderful. Virtually everyone dresses formally even when not in costume.

Truly, the only downside this year was the floor on which we danced. Hard as the concrete under the hard wood. No spring to it at all.

I was very pleased that I was able to dance that many hours and my shoes held up and I really enjoyed it. My outfit of black velvet skirt and ruby red velvet and chiffon top were a hit. I don't believe there was one dance I really disliked, which is a bit unusual.

Exercise is just so much easier when you do something you really enjoy and although none of my closest friends do it often the ball was full of people who all wanted to be there. I would love to be able to make more room in my life for that kind of exercise commitment. I'll keep looking.

Hopefully next year will be Cecy's year again and she'll be able to resume going to the Playford. But until then I can feel pride that I am able to step out by myself when need be and do the things I so need to do. Must be one of the rewards of age.


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