first daffodils

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I have so much to be grateful for and one thing I am really grateful for this week is my wonderful incredible wife.

This week, the week before St. Patrick's day is when daffodils start showing up in the stores around here. I love them. They just make me happy looking at them and when they are open I feel like they sing the most beautiful spring-worshipping song and I love to listen to them.

I have been struggling with PMS related low moods all week. The kind when for no actual reason you find yourself thinking, 'perhaps I'll go home, hide in my bed and cry all evening'. Blech. When I was in the office on Thursday I saw daffodils on someone's desk and I almost mentioned them to Carolyn when we talked on the phone. I thought it would be so nice to have some. But I had PMS and well I just didn't bring it up. I felt too gloomy.

I came home super late from work that same evening and there sitting on the kitchen island was a vase full of daffodils just waiting to open. She had remembered all by herself and there they were. Then I wanted to cry because I felt so loved and listened to, even now I can't quite believe it. Life is good. I have been listening to them, feeling happier ever since.

Less than a week until spring! Renewal to all.


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