India approved

Well the word has come down from 'on high' and the trips to India have been approved. This means it's about 99% definite I will be going. DW is thrilled.

I am just blown away. I feel so excited and nervy and every possible feeling all at once. I don't really like heat much and India of course is hot. We will be there during the monsoon season, what on earth will that be like. I will probably be there working for a month and then staying for a couple of weeks on vacation. That means stuff I am not currently paying online...I better get that all set up.

There is the whole water issue. Most travelers get around this by drinking bottled water but I do not want to add to the garbage problem in India [which I hear is huge]. So then I need to either buy a purifier or filter bottle. No idea which way to go yet.

Also I will be there for a long time and I read a lot. I do not want to schlep or buy books. So I am looking at e-book readers. Right now I am thinking Sony. I don't like the kindle2's keyboard and their vaunted wireless connection only works in the US.

Then what to do during our travel time? India is huge and there is so much to see and no way to see it all. I have never thought about India before now, I never thought I would go there so I don't know how to choose from all the wonderful options. Right now I am thinking Mysore and Hampi but I am sure it will keep evolving.

Then there are the medical issues. There are many vaccinations that are recommended for India which ones do I think are needed, which ones do I need. What is the likelihood of needing malaria pills?

You can see that the list has just started and will probably go on and on. I feel quite lucky though to be able to do this. It's just mind blowing to me. What a year 2009 is shaping up to be.


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