Thank goodness the sun came out in force this weekend. All the grey in the middle of the week was pretty hard on me for some reason. I think it was part of the rather painful transition from VA to MN.

First of all the plane ride Tuesday was horrid. I found the turbulence not only uncomfortable but quite scary. Second, it was so sunny in VA while I was there although basically the same temps as here. Not only did I enjoy the shore every day but all the trees were blooming like crazy along with the camellias and lots of other spring flowers. So cheery. Here we have just a few bulb shoots pushing up on the south side. Some years they would have flowered by now but not this year.

I guess it's rather hard to leave spring and come back to winter. oh well soon it will be here. I hope we have a fabulous one. We may need to get through another snowfall first though. It sounds like we could get a few inches Tuesday. This will put off my bike riding if it happens.

Note to self: when you lost your keys in CA over the winter holidays did you lose you bike lock keys? I guess I better figure that out soon. I hope all are enjoying this first week of spring.


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