there's my life!

We spent a lot of time cabin shopping this winter. Then I traveled to see family [more on that soon] and all of the sudden we realized on Thursday 3/26 we hadn't had a 'date' since v-day. So we set about fixing that. And it became part of a great weekend. I do have a social life.

We went to our favorite Japanese place and ate fabulous food. This was the first time we ate at the bar surrounding the chefs but we didn't have time to wait for a table. We were so hungry. We got tickets for Shaw's The Devil's Disciple at Theatre in the Round and went there next. I love this theatre and the play was 'ok' we agreed after. Nothing bad but nothing to rave about. The date though was highly satisfactory all around. I am so fortunate to have such a fabulous wife that I can enjoy so thoroughly.

Then Saturday was the day to see the yearly Gilbert and Sullivan production. They did Ruddigore and it was fabulous. All the leads, the sets, the chorus were all great. It was so very enjoyable. Just thinking about the 'professional corp of bridemaids' cracks me up. We had lunch before the matinee at the Peninsula, yum. [get their Queen's Tofu, they make their own tofu, it's like little clouds from heaven] Then coffee and dessert at Spyhouse afterwards. The 5 of us [me and 4 friends] had a great time.

Sunday, a day for reading the paper, catching up on blogs, throwing the Frisbee for my border collie, enjoying more sun and ECD in the evening. What a weekend, I do more than work, yeah!


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