We placed an offer on another cabin this week and it was accepted.

It is a pretty incredible thing. Of course things can go wrong, fall through but it looks as though sometime next month we'll be spending time at our new lake home. [and ripping off wall paper borders]

This experience has been totally different from the first lake place. For one, we didn't fall in love. In fact the first time we drove by the place I thought the road had kind of a haughty energy. Not sure what that was about.

But DW wanted to see the cabin anyway and so we put it on our list and our realtor took us to really view the place. Here the sellers have been trying to sell the place for over a year with the price falling all that time. The current listing realtor really wanted to sell it. It has been very normal and refreshing experience thus far.

It is on a nice lake, in the lake district. It has 180 feet of shore. It has a 4 season house that needs very little done to it. It has 2 bedrooms and full kitchen and bath. A shed for storage. A screened porch as well as a deck. A very wooded lot. Normal plumbing and sewer. We have been told there is a nice sandy bottom to the lake and water lilies. It will need to be cleaned up outside, there is a bit of leak on the porch roof. Some kind of flooring will need to be installed in the bedroom, there is a wood burning stove as well as a furnace.

Although I was so sad about the other place I have a feeling of relief that this place will take a lot less work to get it habitable.

We are getting happier about it every day. It's hard to believe it may all be happening. We tried to figure out why we didn't fall in love at first sight.

Unlike the first place the driveway was not plowed so we had to hoof it to get to it. And although it is a deal pricewise, it is not the foreclosed on, rock bottom price of the other one. I have to wonder how those 2 factors effected us. Could the fact it wasn't such a super bargain and hard to get to really effected our emotions? Or perhaps it's because we got so burned the last time? A mystery.

We are hoping all will continue to go smoothly. We are getting it inspected next week. We are wondering what interest rate we'll get.

Now I have time to wonder about what it will be like to have a lake house. Will I love living up at the lake part of the week? Will I actually take up fishing? This is all so new, and really I have no idea how I am going to react to this. It looks like I will find out pretty soon.


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