second favorite at this time of the year

I do think about more than daffodils at this time of the year. Corned beef with cabbage. [and carrots, onions and potatoes]

I bless the coworker who brought in corned beef and cabbage to the pot luck this past week. My tired brain needed the reminder. Her corned beef was quite good although her veggies had a bitter spice/taste to them that I never could identify. There was no way I could satisfy my craving with my fair portion at the potluck. A much needed trip to the food coop resulted in 2 beautiful, all natural, nitrate and antibiotic free, uncured briskets.

This awakened me from a cooking torpor that has been hanging over me since perhaps our last dinner party. I slow cooked the meat, then the veggies were cooked in the yummy broth and it has been heaven.

I remembered an old friend Theo who burned out his kitchen while attempting to make it years ago and felt grateful that my results were delicious and safe.

I wish my Dad was in town to share it with--a brilliant Irish American tradition he loves even though he's Italian to the core. Good food is just good food.

Sláinte Mhaith.


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