Lake Love Loss

We have been on an unpleasant watery ride. We tried to buy a lake cabin this week.

The past 2 weekends we went out and looked at some places. I was feeling hopeful, we were seeing places that had what we wanted, 4 season, private, not too far from the city, nice views and good prices. They did exist.

Last Sunday our realtor showed us a place and we both fell in love. It was almost 5 acres on a small environmental lake. On a point, very private, dead end road/driveway less than half mile off of paved county road. It was new/funny/different how we didn't fall in love with the house but the place, the land. Even now I can see the curving wooded drive, the sheltering hill on one side, tall pines in a half circle around the house. *sigh*

The house needed lots of work, it was from the 50's. The bathtub was scary, the linoleum everywhere was barely better than the gross blue carpeting in the bedrooms. The oven and stove top were PINK! So campy I almost liked them. I could have lived with them anyway...
I was nervous what an inspection might show, it's so hard to judge in the winter. I hoped we were up to the challenge of fixing it back up.

The property had been foreclosed on which means you will basically buy 'as is' The price had dropped over 40K, it was the right price, it had been on the market since early December. We were bubbling over with joy as we drove away. All the scurrying to do paperwork and so forth would be worth it even though our weeks at work were crammed because we loved it so.

We made an offer the next morning and the descent into weirdness began. I can't figure out if the listing agent was just stupid or unethical or more likely a messy combination of both. She lied "the plumbing pipes are going to be ripped out next week" and" the lake didn't allow motorized boats". She told lies to the banks never to us. According to the bankers she basically said everything she could to discourage the banks from financing the offers. She acted completely unprofessionally as well as corrupt throughout the week. She seriously pissed our agent off and he has to be one of the most positive, happy people I know. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but she crossed my personal line by a lot.

We heard yesterday afternoon that the bank accepted a cash offer that just happened to come from another person in the same small town in which she lives and ours was rejected. We are just heartsick. We know we can't compete with cash. I believe she did everything she could to delay the process so this person could get the cash offer ready. My only bitter hope is that it will fall through.

We know that it's a fact of life -- unfairness. But sometimes when your nose gets rubbed into it you just want to cry. Which also happened. I know I'll have to forgive her for my sake and I will but I am not there yet. I feel bruised and small. I want to believe that things work out as they should but my disgust with her behavior is over-riding everything. I hate feeling so judgmental.

We are trying to be hopeful. We try to hold onto gratitude. We hope we'll be able to pick up and go on looking eventually.

We are in mourning.


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