Ocean relaxation

I have just returned from a 6 day stay in VA Beach with my niece and her family. Computer access was very limited, due mostly to bad luck, so I didn't get to blog nor did I have posts prepared ahead of time.

I would normally feel badly about this but all was made up by the ocean which I visited every day. Yes it was freezing along the shore, didn't matter.

It's been years and years since I have been on the Atlantic Ocean and it was wonderful. I just can't even articulate how much I love the ocean. I could sit beside it for hours just listening to the surf. It feels healing, filling, cheering, bracing --all manner of wonderful things.

I thought about our soon home on the lake. I guess that Carolyn feels many of these same things when she sits by a lake. I wonder what effect it will have on me?

If everything goes well it's less than 3 weeks away! Unreal.


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